First Aid Safety training involves teaching individuals how to provide immediate care in emergency situations to prevent further injury and save lives.

Electrical Safety and Hydrovac Operators training focuses on the proper procedures for working with electricity and safely operating hydrovac equipment to prevent accidents and injuries.

Level 2 Ground Disturbance training educates individuals on how to identify and avoid underground utilities to prevent damage and potential hazards.

The Electrical & Utility Safety Association training provides knowledge on best practices for working safely with electrical systems and utilities.

Confined Space training ensures individuals understand the risks associated with working in confined spaces and how to safely enter and exit these areas.

Work at Heights (WAH) training teaches individuals about fall protection measures and equipment to prevent injuries when working at high elevations.

WHMIS training involves identifying hazardous materials and learning the proper handling procedures to prevent harm to oneself and others.

Propane Safety training educates individuals on the safe storage, handling, and use of propane to prevent accidents and injuries.

Personal Protective Equipment training teaches individuals about the importance of using appropriate safety gear to protect themselves from workplace hazards.

Defensive Driving Instruction provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while driving.

Bell Certified Training ensures individuals are trained in the specific safety protocols and procedures required by Bell.

Ontario Worker & Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness training educates individuals on their rights and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario.

Aerial Lift Safety training teaches individuals how to safely operate and work from aerial lift platforms to prevent accidents and injuries.