Metro Infrastructure proudly holds an esteemed accreditation as an authorized Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) carrier, sanctioned and endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). This prestigious recognition empowers Metro with the authority and expertise not only to effectively manage clean-fill excavation sites but also to undertake the safe and responsible transport of contaminated materials.

At the heart of our operations lies the innovative technique of hydrovac excavation, a pinnacle of modern engineering and environmental stewardship. This sophisticated process harnesses the power of high-pressure water and a vacuum system to excavate soil delicately and precisely, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding areas and maximum efficiency in material removal.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel, our hydrovac excavation method begins with the application of high-pressure water to the excavation site. This pressurized water, delivered through a specialized jetting rod, acts as a gentle yet effective force, transforming solid soil into a manageable liquid mud. This liquefied soil is then meticulously extracted and removed from the site using a high-volume vacuum system, seamlessly transporting it into a designated debris tank for safe containment and disposal.

The integration of advanced technology and rigorous safety protocols ensures that each excavation project undertaken by Metro Infrastructure is executed with precision, efficiency, and utmost consideration for environmental sustainability. By employing hydrovac excavation techniques, we minimize the risk of soil disturbance and contamination while maximizing the effectiveness of material removal, thereby safeguarding both the integrity of the excavation site and the surrounding ecosystem.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility, Metro Infrastructure continues to set the standard for superior excavation services, delivering unmatched results with integrity and professionalism.