Metro Infrastructure Inc. recognizes that construction operations may have a damaging impact upon the environment and therefore ensure that all construction activities are carried out in such a manner as to ensure a high standard of environmental protection and awareness.

Metro Infrastructure Inc. is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. It takes a close and responsible interest in, and considers and respects the physical, economic and social environments on all projects in which it is involved.

We aim to contribute towards environmental improvement and sustainable development by using best practice and innovation to minimize environmental impacts. Environmental impacts are assessed at every stage of the business process in consultation with organizations working on behalf of Metro Infrastructure Inc. including designers, contractors etc. to develop agreed solutions that are sympathetic to the environment and community. Metro Infrastructure Inc. plays an active role in supporting and encouraging contractors in reducing their environmental impacts.

An environmental action plan seeking continual improvement is produced on an annual basis setting out specific objectives, targets and implementation steps, with the progress routinely monitored, reviewed and reported to management.

The policy relies on these environmental principles:

  • Managers will demonstrate the leadership and commitment necessary to foster a culture of environmental responsibility
  • Minimize and where possible, eliminate impacts on the surrounding social and natural environment
  • All employees, contractors and operators have a responsibility to protect the environment and to prevent pollution
  • All staff will be provided with the knowledge, awareness and resources required to meet their environmental responsibilities
  • Operations, decisions, plans and actions will be conducted in accordance with this policy

This policy covers both the construction work as well as general office procedures:

  • Comply with, and endeavor to exceed, the requirements of all environmental legislation, codes and guidelines
  • Continually strive for improvement in the environmental performance of its contractors
  • Take proactive measures to protect and preserve wildlife and flora and their natural habitats
  • Prevent pollution and protect both the natural and built environment
  • Reducing the effects of noise, dust, disturbance and inconvenience arising from its activities
  • Establish periodic reviews of environmental impacts associated with company activities
  • Adopt best practice, set targets, monitor and continuously improve environmental performance
  • Identify and implement a continuous program of measure to minimize identified environmental impacts
  • Involve all employees in development and implementation of our environmental action plan
  • Minimize construction waste through re-use and recycling to reduce the amount of materials being disposed of in land-fill sites and safely dispose of any other types of waste

General office procedure commitments to focus on include reducing consumption of resources by:

  • Use of e-mail for all correspondence, where possible
  • Double sided printing, reuse of scrap paper and segregation of paper waste for recycling
  • Conserve, reuse and recycle (e.g. printer toner and ink cartridges)
  • Reduce energy usage in our buildings

Each individual working for this company has a part to play helping us to achieve and maintain a healthy environment for all. This policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and to all those working for and on behalf of Metro Infrastructure Inc.