We are Metro Infrastructure

Metro is a telecommunications contractor specializing in hydro excavation and fibre fusing, as well as horizontal directional drilling, trenching, aerial line work, & pole installation. We use the latest technology to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Our industry-leading teams specialize in splicing, civil and line works. We have exceptional teams that have built and installed fibre optic networks across Ontario. Our clients include major telecommunication and media companies, as well as many other key service providers across Canada.

We are primed to support construction projects by providing value-added quality management assurance programs to our clients.


Fiber Fusing

Involves the fusing of two fibers using an electric arc.


Involves digging a narrow hole or trenches for installation under the ground.

Directional Drilling

Entails drilling into the earth to create a pathway.

Aerial Line Work

Constructing strand infrastructure and securing fiber optic cables to it.

Pole Installation

Involves installing poles for various uses such as electrical cable, fibre optic cable, and related equipment


Our Vision

To maintain standards internally of which our stakeholders and competitors refer to as examples of excellence for safety, quality, project delivery and professionalism. 

Our services

Directional Drilling

  • Quicker installation with less disruption to landscaping
  • Flexibility as the system can be installed nearly anywhere

Design & Engineering

  • Interior & Exterior Plant Telecommunications Design
  • Fibre to the curb, premise, or home design
  • Experienced surveyors and field designers

Fiber Splicing

  • Fusion splicing
  • Lower Variable Cost per fusion splice
  • More bandwidth means faster speed

Trenching & Excavating

  • Licensed ECA carrier completed and approved through the MOE.
  • Efficient & Cost effective as we remove large amounts quickly
  • We support a variety of civil engineering and construction projects

Our Foundational Values


    Uncompromised in creating workplaces where team members and the public can maintain both their physical and mental health.


    Continuously striving for improvement by gathering quantitative and qualitative data for planning, implementing, monitoring and adjusting. 


    All our team members are empowered to take ownership and build trust with all stakeholders by acting in a timely manner with integrity and transparency.


    Steadfast to uphold the human rights of our team members and offering dignity to all people we interact with. Ethics consistently guide our behaviour. 


    Advocacy for inclusion, diversity, and collaboration in our work environments allow for ethical conduct and open communication. Our team members feel valued and are open to sharing recognition. 



"Clean and Efficient"

Jacky Falla
Metro did great work on my new driveway. They let me know exactly when they would come by, what work they would do, and they cleaned up everything perfectly. Thank you!

"Amazing Customer Service"

Joan Frias
Metro Infrastructure was very courteous by providing notifications before they dug up the required areas to put in the cables. They have amazing customer service and we would recommend them without hesitation.


Daniel Gildharry


Jessica Silva

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Gildharry

Director of Operations